La semaine du 13 au 16 mai


Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend full of sunshine!

Please take a look at what we have been working on so far.

  • We worked on a cut and paste transportation sorting activity and a coloring activity (by air "dans le ciel", water "sur l'eau", or land "sur la terre") to sum up the unit. 
  • We started to learned about the different animals and sorted them into the three categories: air "air", mer "sea/water", terre "land".
  • We learned a new song that talks about animals:

  • We learned about feelings: We played Charades to guess the different emotions.
  • We sang a feelings song:
  • We worked on an activity where we have to draw the different faces of emotions to match with the terms. We then wrote and drew how we felt that day : "Aujourdhui, je me sens..." Students had to write whether they are content(e) "happy" , triste "sad", excité(e) "excited", peur "scared", fatigué(e) "tired" or surpris(e) "surprised".
  • We created a feelings class chart. We stuck our name under the feeling we are experiencing that day. Most of us were excited because of the long weekend!


Grade 1:
  • We began the animal & habitat unit and learned about the names of the different animals. This week, we focused on les animaux domestiques: les animaux de compagnie "pets" and les animaux de la ferme "farm animals".
  • We sang a song about animals:
  • We completed exercises to practice writing the names of the animals we learned.
  • We did a survey where students got to go around the classroom and ask their classmates which pet they own. For example:
                                   Q: Est-ce que tu as _____________________?
                                   A: Oui, j'ai _________________ or
                                        Non, je n'ai pas de ______________________.

Bonne Fête des Mères!

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This week, students worked on activities related to Mother's Day and we had fun making cards for our mom! :) Enjoy!



Grade 1:

Wishing all the mothers a Happy Mother's Day! Bonne Fête des Mères! 💓