Bonjour à toutes et à tous!

Lots of learning took place these past two weeks! Please check out below for more info 😃


We have been learning about the different shapes in French. Students were asked to find different shapes in the classroom, identify the correct shape out of a pile, make shapes with play-dough, form simple patterns (ABAB), worked on worksheet activities, and played a fun game of shapes Bingo!



We have been learning about the different community helpers/professions, where they work and what tools they use. We worked on a cut and paste activity where we had to match the words to the correct pictures of the community helpers. Mlle. Jessica read different books to us about different community helpers so that we could learn more about them. We answered some questions about each profession based on what we read. We also talked about what we want to be when we grow up and drew a lovely picture.


Grade 1:

We have been talking about the different inventions in the world. We learned a variety of words related to inventions. We played broken telephone and a game of charades to act out the different inventions for others to guess. We also worked on a package together that was full of fun activities related to inventions including word searches, fill in the blanks, reading comprehension exercises and more.

Hope everyone has an awesome March Break!!! :)