Please take a look at what we have been learning this past week.


This week, we talked about healthy and unhealthy food (food that are good for the teeth and bad for the teeth). 

We sang a song about vegetables (

We worked on classifying healthy and unhealthy food and played a fun board game.


We continued to talk about the senses. This week, we focused on the sense of touch. We talked about the four different textures (e.g. doux "soft", piquant "spiky", lisse "smooth" and rugueux "rough" ) and found examples to go with each.

We also played a game of mystery bag where we only used our sense of touch to guess what the object is without looking and then described its texture while we tried to make a guess.


We filled out identity sheets about the different dinosaurs that we talked about. The information we needed to fill in include: what their names mean, their size (height and length), how they move (on two or four feet), what they eat (herbivore or carnivore), their special features, etc.   

We then wrote about what our favourite dinosaur is and described them with some of the information we gathered.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mlle. Jessica