Christmas is just around the corner!!! This week, students began to learn Christmas vocabulary words. We played fun games such as matching game and what's missing to remember the words. With the higher grades, we started our countdown and counted how many days are left until Christmas. We answered some questions about Christmas to practice our vocabulary.  
For example:

Pendant Noël... 

Q: Qu'est-ce que je décore? 
A: Je décore le sapin de Noël

Q: Qu'est-ce que je donne à mes amis? 
A: Je donne des cadeaux à mes amis.

Q: Qu'est-ce que je mange?
A: Je mange une canne de Noël.



Grade 1:

La semaine du 26 au 30 novembre


Please take a look at what we did in French class this past week.


We continue to learn about fruits and vegetables. We completed a sorting activity where we put the fruits and vegetables in their correct category.

We played a fun fruits & vegetables themed board game and practiced our counting skills.

We played a fun game of BINGO to review our fruits and vegetables vocabulary.


We continued to talk about the five senses. This week, we focused on the sense of touch: doux "soft" vs. piquant "prickly", lisse "smooth" vs. rugueux "rough". We put the objects/pictures in their appropriate category according to their texture.

We played a fun guessing game. By using his/her sense of touch, the student must guess what object is hidden inside the bag. Students are also to answer some questions about their texture.. whether it is doux (soft), piquant (prickly), lisse (smooth), rugueux (rough)...etc.

We did some more sorting with cut and paste activities.

Grade 1:

Students were introduced to some action words to talk about what the dinosaur does. 

For example:

Le dinosaur dort.

Le dinosaur chante.

Le dinosaur court.

 Le dinosaur marche.

Le dinosaur danse.

Le dinosaure saute.

We played guessing games related to the action words. 

This week, we completed a mini assignment about our chosen dinosaur.

We practiced for our presentations and presented our dinosaurs to the class.

We also got to play a fun dinosaur themed board game and practiced our counting skills!