La sixième semaine


Below is a summary of what we did in French class this week:

Grade 1/2:
  • Familarize students with food vocabulary words and get students to express what they like and what they do not like e.g. J'aime la pizza. Je n'aime pas la salade.
  • Students work on worksheets to practice completing J'aime and Je n'aime pas phrases with food vocabulary words
Grade 1:
  • "J'ai... Qui a..." number activity to review numbers 1 to 30
  • Students express what they like and do not like using food vocabulary words e.g. J'aime la pomme. Je n'aime pas la carotte.
  • Game activity to practice food vocabulary words
  • Sing songs and play games to review parts of the body
  • Review the five senses:  "Qu'est-ce qu'on mange... on écoute... on touche... etc" with the help of picture dictionary
  • "Les Cinq Sens" worksheets to assess student's knowledge of the five senses
  • Coloring activity to review colours
  • Sing songs and play games to review numbers and colours
  • Garçon and fille revision: students take turns saying if they are boy or girl "Je suis un garçon/une fille..."
  • Students trace numbers 1 to 5
Have a great weekend!

Mlle. Jessica

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