La 3e semaine


Please take a look at what we have done in French class on the third week!

Gr. 2:
  • We continued our calendar and weather routine
  • We briefly talked about Terry Fox, who he was and what he did. We sang a song about him - "La Persévérance", by Gregg LeRock:

  • We played "Qu'est ce qu'il manque/What's missing?" to review classroom objects

Gr. 1:
  • We played "J'ai...Qui a.../I have.. Who has.." to review classroom objects

  • We reviewed colors and worked on a coloring worksheet

  • We continued our calendar and weather routine
  • We practised counting numbers 1-30
  • We learned about the different classroom objects and played "Qu'est-ce qu'il manque/What's missing?"

  • We sang the days of the week song and practised saying the date and weather
  • We learned to count from 1-10 and practised counting with frogs (les grenouilles)

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