La semaine du 27 février au 3 mars

  • We played a game to review the different types of transportation that we've learned in this unit.

  • We talked about road safety: we sang a song about traffic lights (Les Feux de Circulation: and played a fun game similar to freeze dance that involves the three lights.
    • Le feu rouge - Arrêtez! (Red light means "Stop"!)

    • Le feu jaune - Ralentissez! (Yellow light means "Slow down!")

    • Le feu vert - Allez-y! (Green light means "Go!") 



  • Using the taught space vocabulary, we talked about what we see in space and what we don't:
    • En espace, je vois... un astronaute, le soleil, des planètes...
    • En espace, je ne vois pas... une fille, un garçon, une fleur...


Grade 1:

  • Students reponded to simple questions in complete sentences related to inventions:
    • Qui a inventé la téléphone?
    • Qui a inventé la voiture?
    • Avec quelle invention je peux voyager?  
    • Avec quelle invention je peux réchauffer de la nourriture?
  • We talked about our favourite inventions and why and wrote in our journal using complete sentences following the teacher's model.

Grade 2:

  • We practiced writing numbers on the board and corrected each other of any mistakes. Then we worked on a number worksheet on our own.

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