Please see below for this week's activities in the Primary French classes.

Gr. 1 and 2:
  • Students are learning about winter activities e.g. faire du ski, faire de la planche à neige, jouer au hockey..
  • Students practiced saying in complete sentences what they like to do in the winter using the examples e.g. Pendant l'hiver, j'aime faire du ski.
  • We did a whole class activity where the students listen to the teacher reading aloud statements related to winter. They get to pick a side to stand whether the statement is true to them, "Oui" for yes, "Non" for no, and "Je ne sais pas" for I don't know. This was a good oral comprehension activity.
  • Students continued to learn about the four seasons, which of the months belong to each season, and what happens in each seasons e.g En automne, les feuilles changent les couleurs (rouge, orange, jaune et brun) et elle tombent.
  • Students practiced animal vocabulary words such as "le chat" and "le chien" from previous class.
  • They also get to play a game which involves everyone sitting in a circle and one student gets to be in the middle as "le petit chien". The student has to close his or her eyes. The teacher then chooses where to hide the dog bone. The student gets three guesses. If he or she picks the student with the bone, that student gets to be in the middle.
  • Students learned a new animal "le poisson". They get to trace and write the word on their own this time. Once finished, they get to colour the picture.


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