Le Mois d'Avril


Please see below for details of what the PYP French classes did earlier this month (April).

Grade 1 & 2:
  • Students learned about art vocabulary words and activities on art for their art unit

  • They also learned to differentiate between the sounds (é, è & ê) and worked on a worksheet categorizing words under each "e"

  • We started a new unit on Community Helpers: students learned about the different professions, where they work and what tools they use
  • They got to work on jigsaw puzzles that connect the name and pictures of professions with their workplace

  • Students also wrote and drew what they wanted to be when they grow up "Quand je serai grand(e), je serai...."

  • We started a new unit on transportation: students learned about the different modes of transportation (Dans le ciel, Sur l'eau, Sur la terre)
  • They were able to list and color pictures of the different types of transportation from each category

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