La semaine du 6 au 10 février

  • We continued to practice counting from 1-20 and played various number games such as bingo, 20, counting objects, and filling in missing numbers.

  • We did fun activities to review concepts about the planets and the Solar System.

  • We discussed the difference between "le jour" (day) and "la nuit" (night): Le jour - on se lève et on joue/dance (we wake up, we play and dance); La nuit - on se couche (we sleep). We also talked about the things we might see during the day and the things we might see at night (e.g. le jour - le soleil, l'arc en ciel, les oiseaux... la nuit - la lune, les étoiles, le hibou...) 


Grade 1:
  • We started on a new unit on inventionsStudents played "Jeu de Téléphone/Broken Telephone" and learned about various inventions (e.g. la téléphone, l'avion, le micro-ondes...), who they were invented by, their purpose/importance, etc.

Grade 2:
  • We learned and practiced conjugating regular "-er" verbs with winter action words (e.g. lancer, patiner, glisser...etc.).

  • We also had fun playing verb tic-tac-toe as a class and with a partner.

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