La 7e semaine!


Below is a summary of what we did in French class this past week.

  • We played a fun game of fruit salad to review fruit vocabulary words.

  • We learned about the different vegetables. We played what's missing and talked about our favourite vegetable.

  • We classified fruits and vegetables according to their category and completed a work sheet.

  • We talked about what farm animals provide us (e.g. La poule nous donne des oeufs. La vache nous donne du lait...). Students did an awesome job matching the products with the animals!

  • Students did a matching activity where they had to connect the animals to their product.

  • Students worked on a final assignment where they had to write and draw a farm animal and what product it provides. 

Grade 1:
  • We continued to talk about responsibilities. We discussed the different ways we can be responsible at home (e.g. Je brosse mes dents "I brush my teeth". Je fais mon lit "I make my bed"...). Students are able to say how they are responsible by forming a complete sentence (e.g. Je suis responsable parce brosse mes dents "I am responsible because.. I brush my teeth"). We wrote in our journals how we can be responsible at home.

  • We played a fun game of "Charades (Le Jeu de mime)" to guess the responsibilities we have talked about in class.

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