La 11e semaine


Please take a look at what the PYP French classes (JK to Grade 2) have been doing this past week. Enjoy!
  • We learned about some shapes: le cercle, le carré, le triangle, and le rectangle 

  • We had a bit of fun going around the classroom finding shapes

  • We also found objects with certain shapes in the classroom!

  • Students had to find a specific shape of a specific color that the teacher described. They also took turns practicing saying the shapes and telling others what shape and color to find.

  • We practiced making simple patterns with the shapes


  • We reviewed the five senses using flash cards: la vue, le goût, l'odorat, le toucher, and l'ouïe
    • La vue: Avec les yeux, je vois.... une maison, une vache, un garçon...
    • Le goût: Avec la bouche, je goû glace, la pomme, le gâteau...
    • L'odorat: Avec le nez, je sens...une fleur, une tarte..
    • Le toucher: Avec les mains, je touche...un chat, un chien...
    • L'ouïe: Avec les oreilles, j'écoute...une voiture, le vent.. 

Grade 1:
  • We learned about different types of dinosaures, what their names mean, their physical features, whether they are herbivore or carnivore...
  • We also sang a song about dinosaurs:

Grade 2:
  • We learned about food including fruits, vegetables, meat and others. Students got to express what food they like and dislike: J'aime... Je n'aime pas...
  • They also got to talk about what their peers like or dislike: Il/Elle aime... Il/Elle n'aime pas...
  • We did an activity involving the whole class where one student starts by saying what he/she likes, the next student has to remember what the previous student like then talk about their own, etc. The last person has to remember what everyone likes (we try not to repeat the same food just so we could practice as many food vocabulary terms as possible).


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